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Necklaces are More than Just Jewelry

Written by Berry Jean-Francois


Posted on August 28 2020

A necklace can be very simply defined as a piece of jewelry or clothing to be worn around your neck. Together with a great outfit, it can prove to be a powerful statement of your style and status, but a necklace is so much more than pure aesthetic.

Ancient people wore necklaces that symbolized something far more profound than being a basic decorative item. Jewels that are used today to attract eyes, were used in ancient times to categorize oneself to a particular group or community. Plus, compared to today, they were also super difficult to manufacture.

Not just gold or emerald. Everything from rocks to sea shells were used to make beautiful necklaces. Sea shell necklaces are popular even today.

Necklaces also define one's faith. A devout Christian will always have a cross necklace hanging from his neck, thus conveying their faith to the society they live in. Similarly, many other religions around the world wear the symbol of their religions as necklaces that solidify the faith they possess.

As such, necklaces are an integral form of symbolism that conveys so much about a person's beliefs, personality, and temperament without spelling anything out.

For women, a necklace has a different use. A necklace is a fascinating way to accentuate one's femininity. With necklaces, women can exude charm, unparalleled beauty and elegance that can be mesmerizing. A necklace sends the perfect message about who the person wearing it is.

Necklaces can also be a very intimate gift for a loved one. It conveys their importance in the givers life. There is an emotional appeal to it as well. In fact necklaces are that one piece of jewelry that people come to associate with when remembering someone precious to them.

Perhaps that is the reason why necklaces are a central element in many romantic movies and books. If it can symbolize one's faith and personality, then it can also be the symbol of an unbreakable bond between two souls.

A necklace is truly the jewelry that celebrates every occasion and event in one's life, and thus becomes so much more than a piece of jewelry intended merely for its trendy appeal.

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