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How To Wear a Blazer With Style

Written by Berry Jean-Francois


Posted on September 15 2020

Gone are the days when Blazers were looked down upon as mere apparels for work or a formal function. Today, Blazers have defined an entirely new style dimension in itself. You will see this clothing apparel being sported by many women on multiple occasions ranging from something as mundane as a casual outing to the more typical office meeting.

No matter what the occasion, there are certain little tweaks that you can do right away to look incredible in your Blazer. In this article, we will introduce you to the different types of Blazers available in the market while also leaving you with a few tips on how to wear them to make a bold style statement…always.

Types of Blazers

Blazers come in all sorts of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors. The kind you choose should satisfy your taste as well as blend seamlessly with the occasion you choose it for.

Buttoned Blazer or Single Breasted Blazer

A single button blazer, like the name suggests only has one button to connect both sides of the blazer together. This has been a popular mainstay in the fashion circles for over 70 years now, and has still not lost its appeal. It is perfect for all body frames and occasions.

Peplum Blazer

Peplum Blazer can take the shape of a peplum cut and is extremely fancy to look at. They go seamlessly with formal skirts and pencil pants. They hit the perfect balance of elegance with class that not many types of apparel can accomplish.

Buttoned Blazers

These types of Blazers are widely used and are way more popular than any other blazer on this list. It is the perfect option for a strictly formal outing and covers your shirt entirely with more fabric. They can go well with all body frames.

Waterfall Blazer

Waterfall Blazer can be defined as something between a shrug and a blazer, but neither of these two completely. These blazers are perfect for almost all occasions whether formal or otherwise. The trend around this novice item has only caught on as the time has passed by, and it is quickly becoming a mandatory apparel in every woman’s wardrobe.

How to Wear a Blazer

1 - Blazer with Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a perfect option if you like flaunting your legs while wearing an informal blazer. You can pair this up with a nice clean white shirt. Let the blazer be as casual as possible. Apart from skinny jeans, leggings can also help you nail this look just fine.

2 – Turtle Neck T-Shirt with Blazer

Turtle Neck T-Shirts are a great way to accentuate your cuteness while being extremely stylish. Pair it with a blazer and you have magic. You can try any kind of blazer you like over a Turtle Neck T-Shirt and your look will be something to talk about.

3 – Pink Blazer with White Shirt

This look is something that has been sported countless times by many women, and one look at it and you’ll understand why that is the case. A muted pink blazer over blue jeans and a white shirt is as good as a casual look gets.

4 – Buttoned Down Look

You want to look your very best for a formal meeting, then this look is a must-try. A buttoned-down blazer over a buttoned-down T-shirt with a pencil skirt thrown in the mix is the perfect way to look elegant and classy at the same time.

5 – Oversized Blazer with a V-Neck T-Shirt

This is a personal favourite of many artists. An oversized blazer donned over a V-neck T-Shirt is the perfect way to get the right kind of attention from an otherwise oblivious crowd. Add mommy jeans and deep red lipstick and you have a look to die for.

6 – Black Sequin Blazer

Perfect for parties, a Black Sequin Blazer over printed pants will make you stand out at any party you wish to attend. If the blazer has a simple sequin border, go with a sequin tank top to complete the flawless party look.

7 – Blazers over Shorts

There was a time when the idea of wearing blazers over shorts would be considered Taboo, which is no longer the case today. You can casually throw an informal blazer over shorts, and a V-Neck T-Shirts and transform into an instant charmer.

8- White Overalls

A White blazer over white pants and white fashion accessories is as classy and elegant you can get with an all-white outfit. Everything matches perfectly with each other, and you get a look that demands respect wherever you go.

9 – Waterfall Blazer over One Piece Dress

Waterfall blazers go well with almost anything, but pairing it with a one-piece dress can give you a distinct look for the ages. Pair it with stilettos and you have the perfect event look for an array of occasions.

10 – Two-Button Blazer

Wearing a two-button blazer over a buttoned-down white shirt and formal pants signifies that you mean business. It is the perfect work look. You can try different colored Two-button blazers and land on the one you prefer the most.

All of the above styles have been tried, tested, and widely donned with satisfying results. You can experiment with your own tips, or go with one of the above options to nail your blazer look, no matter the occasion. To buy a blazer, you can head on to La Femme Chiq Boutique’s online store and pick one you desire at some of the best deals in the industry.



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