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5 Tips For Choosing The perfect Fashion Accessories

Written by Berry Jean-Francois


Posted on September 16 2020

When it comes to accessories, the devil is in the details. A particular piece of fashion accessory can either make or break your look. A great pair of earrings might blend seamlessly with an elegant dress, and the wrong pair of heels might even suck the life out of an otherwise stylish outfit.

With accessories, the idea is to accentuate your style to the point of accomplishing a chic, elegant and classy look rather than being relegated to appearing pedestrian and downright bland.

In this article, we will leave you with a few useful tips that will come in handy the next time you shop for an accessory to complete your look.

So without much further ado, let's get started.

The Color

The primary thing to consider is the thing that most meets the eye. The very first thing that catches everyone's attention, no matter what you are buying, is its color.  This sadly is also an aspect of shopping that many find themselves confounded with.

"What color best suits me?" is a question, seldom with an answer. However, for those who look, there is plenty of advice out there on how to choose a color that best suits you.

One way to go about this is by following the old tried and tested practice of 'Seasonal Color Profiling'. This theory states that all of us have our own distinct skin tone, which is either warm or cool. 

For e.g if you have a cool undertone, then a combination of pink berry heels, chic metallic pouch, and silver jewelry will complement you best.

On the other hand, if you possess a warm skin tone then yellow or gold jewelry, with tangerine scarves will make you look spectacular.

Determine Proportions

Depending on your shape and size, you can experiment with the proportions of accessories you would like to wear. Oversized puff coats might look fantastic on a tall frame, however if you are well below 5 feet in height, then it might appear as if you have a sleeping bag on.

The same goes for crop tops. If you are tall, the top might appear as if it shrank while washing. So much of accessorizing your look depends on understanding and experimenting with proportions. Amidst this process, there are chances you might end up with a look that is unique only to you, thus boosting your overall appeal.

Try Making a Statement

It is completely okay to occasionally indulge in a penchant for something dramatic when it comes to fashion. Have one bold piece ready to ensure you make a head-turning statement every time you go out.

Choose a part of your body that you would like accentuated. On the basis of that, you can later on resign to choosing a large hat, a neck-deep necklace, or a quirky handbag to get a distinctly fascinating look that has the ability to glue gawking eyeballs.

With the right combination, you are successful in getting the look you seek and deserve.

For Occasions

A remarkable thing about accessories is how experimenting with them on the same outfit can give you multiple looks that go well with different occasions. A baseball cap and sneakers with jeans and a white tee can give you a nice sporty look, whereas a sky-high pump and floral kimono on the same white tee and jeans can give you a look that's ready to party.

When you know the occasion you are dressing up for, choosing the right accessory becomes child's play.

Less is More

We live in a world of excess, which in recent years has found a notable amount of dissent in the form of millennial and gen z voices. There is an undeniable charm in austerity, that can really give you so much more than a style to boast about. So we highly recommend you arm yourself with fewer accessories when completing your look. The idea is to get attention for you via your outfit and not vice versa.



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