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The Best Clothing Tips with Pink Top.

Written by Berry Jean-Francois


Posted on August 17 2020

The color pink is probably one of the most widely donned colors in the history of clothing. What was once an exclusively feminine color is now being universally worn by members of all gender to make a unique style statement of their own.

We love the color pink too, and to further the cause of this adorable color, we have decided to showcase some tips that will help you perfectly pair your pink top with the most appropriate apparel in your wardrobe. The idea is to look stunning, without overdoing it, and we have just the tips that will help you accomplish the same.

As everything hinges on how you use shades of pink in your clothing, we suggest you try the following combinations. However, here are some colors you should avoid at all costs if wearing pink. These are orange, red and yellow. Trust us, if attention is all you seek, then they will get you just that, but it won’t be flattering in the least.

Now here are some clothing combinations that do work wonders with a Pink Top

If the color of Pink Top tends to move more towards its darker shade, then pair it with dark blue or dark grey jeans or skirts to give your look a little edge and attitude. Other colors that will work just fine are brown, black and white.

When you are out partying, especially at night, we suggest you pair your Pink Top with something much darker, preferably black.  For brighter days, we advise you try lighter shades of pink, and pair it up with a white skirt or dress for that matter.

One more color that does wonder for your style, especially when partying is metallic silver. Pairing silver bottoms with a pink top, will give the good kind of attention you seek while grooving on the dance floor. Long silver pants can be perfectly paired with a half sleeve pink t-shirt or a pink sweater.

Pink Top Designs

Designers today are also constantly experimenting with designs to make a Pink Top look more unique and trendy. The results of such artistic endeavors are already available in the market for all to see and admire. From designs of pink blouses brushed in black or white stripes to putting more prominence on the black or white colors, with pink acting as stripes for opposite effects, there are some audaciously bold design options out there that we encourage you to experiment with.

We welcome such experiments and encourage you to try them out for some of your casual outings of the day.

Combination with Accessories

While you are experimenting, don’t just stop at your outfit. Try pairing different accessories with your Pink Top as well.  For starters, in our opinion a pink shirt with a ruffled skirt paired with a cherry red handbag, a necklace and a pair of black stilettos can turn you into an instant charmer.

If you’re going for an informal appeal then we suggest you amp things up with light red glares, a brown or red backpack and casual white shoes.

You can also try accessories like bracelets, pouches and a pink hat to customize your look according to the occasion. Your handbag color is the only accessory you need to pay attention to look great in your Pink Top. On the other hand, black, brown, white and red handbags or backpacks can result in giving you a classy chic look. All other colored handbags are best avoided with Pink.

Look Your very Best with Pink

Pink is still the most widely purchased and used clothing apparel in the world, whose appeal has only expanded as the world embraces more progressive ideas. We at La Femme Chic also offer Pink Tops and accessories to help you transform into an eye-turner every time you go out to seize the day. You can explore our catalog of fashion apparel and accessories to get the best deals online today. 



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